"Thank you Wisen Space for the daily emails, pics and everything of camp activities! Owen voted this is his favorite camp this summer! He also mentioned that he wants to be a software engineer in the future. What a successful week! "           ~from our July camp student's mom


       Jenny上了第一节课就很喜欢,她觉得老师教得非常好,能把难的内容解说得让学生一听就懂,老师教的内容确实很实用,她已经学会将所学知识为自己学习所用,她做了化学和SAT单词flash卡,所以,Jenny觉得这课非常有价值,真的把她引入了门,可惜上不了第二期,因为我们要旅游去了,否则她还想继续跟老师学更多的电脑知识。第二,她觉得老师非常非常好!请你帮我们转达对老师的感激之情!我会帮老师推荐很多孩子上他的课。谢谢你!~ from our June camper's parent

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      "Without what he learned from Wisen Space JavaScript classes, he would not be able to get this internship. It is a gaming company. He is very excited about it. We sure will let you know how it goes and I am very proud about him with this rare paid internship opportunity during his summer break. Thank you Wisen Space! "  ~from our advanced level high school student's mom


    这个coding camp确实很不错,希望开学后他们还会在Foster City 继续开班。我女儿参加了上周的coding camp (Interactive art with JavaScript). 她非常喜欢,我又给她注册了8月6-10号的camp(Game development with JavaScript). 这是我女儿的feedback 供参考:
I’ve never coded before, so before the camp I was worried that I wouldn’t understand anything. What surprised me was that the camp provided an easy start for beginners like me. It gave me a great first impression of how fun coding can be. Each day of camp got more interesting than the last. We started off with basics such as learning how to change the code behind websites, to creating our own game. Overall, this camp is a great place to get you started of the basics of coding. ~from our July camper's student


   We also like to recommend Wisen Space coding summer camp. My daughter just finished it's JavaScript class. She has learned a lot from it. I feel very proud to see her final project presentation. Wisen Space tech coach is a very responsible teacher. He really focuses on helping kids to learn. He also spent a lot of extra time to help my daughter. I really feel that he has a great teaching passion. It is not easy to find teachers with a real teaching passion. If your kids are still looking for summer camp, you should try their summer camp.    ~Java Script Regular class series student's parent