Robotics 🤖 and Coding 💻and going to nationals 🏟- Team Apollo 13162 story 🚀

Robotics are everywhere, literally! Typically the robotics of all kinds season kicks off after summer annually and culminates about this time of the year when a few lucky and tirelessly hard working teams win the entry to the national competition (world competition).


And Wisen’s 3 members (Kaitlyn, Elena and Mingyuan) are the members from this victorious team “Apollo 13162”. They won regionals this year in March and now going to First Tech Challenge world championship at Houston in April 2019. 👏 After all, they might have known somehow their Apollo robot 🤖 will go to Houston where the “original Apollo” was controlled during the first moon landing expedition a few decades ago. (aka “destiny” to win and go to Houston)😉


Although Wisen did not directly coach or involve this amazing team’s success, we were always in the loop as our 3 students heavily involved in the team as a logo & robot designer & programmer (Kaitlyn) 👩🏻‍🎨, software programmer (Mingyuan) 👨🏻‍💻 and marketing director (Elena).🙋🏻‍♀️ This also perfectly matches Wisen’s core mission that encourages Wisen students to combine their coding skills with their favorite activities (in this case, the Robotics). Wisen visited their robotics office (awesome cool hang out place!) recently and understood why this team won.👍They have perfect system all in all (Ultra supportive parents, super solid coach👔, and right team work owning their tasks and executing independently around the clock).⏰


Hence, Wisen found a perfect example of Coding Portfolio Story 👩🏻‍💻from this team. A group of passionate robot enthusiasts got together (believe or not, this is their first year as a rookie team) and built an outstanding team and the invincible robot “Apollo 13162” with indispensable programming. Team Apollo 13162 deserves Wisen’s support in every aspect and we would like to promote this team by announcing our sponsorship proudly. Also if you are interested in supporting this team, please contact: Elena Liu (Wisen’s cardmaker team student and Apollo’s energetic marketing director: *Below congrats card to Apollo’s team was made using Wisen’s Cardmaker team’s app😍

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.03.57 PM.png

Dear Wisen,

This is Elena. I am a member of First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team, Apollo 13162, which is based in Belmont, California. We are a rookie team consisting of 10 middle schoolers from 5 local middle schools. Even though we are first year together, we work very well together, learned a lot, and have done well in competitions. Now we won the entry to world championship!

I am writing to do some fundraising for my team, as we will continue for years to come. Any donation Wisen can make will be greatly appreciated. If Wisen does decide to donate, Wisen becomes our sponsor, and we can advertise Wisen in our competitions and community out-reaches, such as the Maker Faire, Foster City CityFest, and the San Mateo County Fair. In addition, it would be great if Wisen and my team can collaborate.

Thank you for your consideration!


Elena (Marketing Director of Team Apollo 13162)