Wisen Space Tech Coach got invited to prestigious 2018 Google Cloud Conference at San Francisco

Recieving a Google conference invitation is like getting a Christmas gift, especially when they offer you free admission for 3 days if you are an avid programmer. Wisen Space Tech Coach got an invitation honor to this cutting edge topic inundated conference and he absorbed so much hot and valuable tech trends and insights from the conference in San Francisco (July24~26). And all these valuable knowledge will be baked into our creative and real projects based curriculums starting from AI advanced class in September 2018. For the rest of us who did not get the invitation letter yet but for sure we will get one in the future, here is the one cool website our tech coach brought it back to us and shared with us. So check it out (www.kaggle.com - Goolge bought it a year ago and our tech coach got very good chat with its CTO).