Truly Thankful on this Thanksgiving 🙆🏻‍♀️

if(you === ‘Wisen Space Member’) {
     return ‘Happy Thanksgiving’;

Gosh, we wish everyday is Thanksgiving day for Wisen.Space as we have so much to be grateful towards our incredible supporters, namely you: our parents and students everyday.

If anything, ever since we started our ambitious Wisen.Space journey, we realized it is not us doing the work but it is the parents and students feeding us and pushing us to do more and better in everything we do (unique curriculum development, leadership ideas via camps, hackathon volunteering etc…).

And here is what we are insanely grateful for :

-> Reached over 100 students since we started our Wisen.Space in less than a year ago through our wildly popular camps and regular courses

-> Opened 3 locations coding classes including one public school as after school program

-> Launched Hackathon (2018 Bayside_Wisen Space Hackathon) successfully for middle school students (unprecedented event for middle school students as hackathon events are mostly toward high school and beyond).

In essence, please continue supporting Wisen.Space toward our common goal (Empower our precious students to build their own tools to reach their full potential and make an impact in community and their network beyond just mastering coding skills). Let’s start coding portfolio to reach that ambitious dream!

Best Regards,

~ Team Wisen.Space

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