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WTTL Launch (Wisen Teen & Tech Leadership Lecture)

Another tech talk on Sunday evening!

No, this is not ordinary tech talk you expect and have been too many times with your parents before!

Wisen Space has been preparing this specific teen tech talk for a while and here is WHY you want to come and check it out. (WTTL Registration)

Click the link above for sign up as the seats are limited for this free event and light dinner will be served for free.

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8:30 AM08:30

2018 Fall Bayside & Wisen Hackathon

Greetings to all of you who have patiently waited for this Bayside Hackathon sponsored by Wisen Space!

Wisen Space is super excited to share that we are now teamed up with Bayside Academy Middle School in San Mateo to host our first "middle school only" hackathon event on November 10th at Bayside. Why are only middle school students invited? We live at the heart of innovation "Silicon Valley" and see so many hackathon events year round. But they are mostly geared toward high school students and older crowds and are 24 hours in duration. Wisen Space has been working with so many middle school students with our phenomenal real world projects based curriculum. We realized that our students are as crazy creative and curious as high schoolers. That's why we are running this medium size "middle school students only” hackathon with these fantastic details.

Click here to register and reserve your spot asap as seats are limited.

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