Real Projects Marathon

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Fast results

Wisen Space is using innovative coding technology to engage students with fast coding results. With the current methods, such as Github, students lose time to debugging and slow pushing they could be spending coding.  With the Wisen Space solution, the code updates in a couple of seconds, not a couple of minutes. With Wisen Space, there is no time lost to waiting, but only time used for programming amazing apps.



Wisen Space always puts our students and their coding interests first. For instance, if a student has a better idea, such as building their own personal "2048"-esque game, then we help the student achieve that goal. Naturally, our students are active participants in the class by listing features to build their own customized 2048.  This explains why our students always come out feeling accomplished and ready for their next coding adventure. Students are always empowered through Wisen Space.

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continue the success 

Many of Wisen Space students take their coding skills and experiences from our class to the next level. They go back to school and often start their own coding club with mentoring from our tech coach. This expansion of coding and leadership training encourages them to continue their coding journey in their school setting. Wisen Space students have a bigger impact with more ambitious and successful projects.