Learn, build and form a school coding club🆕🆒to empower entire school ( a true school community leadership🏫)

When our 6th graders take our real projects based classes for several months with different project themes, something popped in their heads. And which was “how about we now create our own coding club at our school and start sharing what we learned so far”.


And their first challenge after successfully securing the teacher’s sponsorship and promoting their club launch🚀was “what to share or teach” during the club meeting.🤔 By the way, their coding club name was epic “comical coders”. How fantastic is that (they got Wisen’s approval already with this awesome club name- two thumbs up.)🙌🏻


Wisen got invited to their club room (Computer class lab) during their very first club meeting and witnessed how things got so perfectly fell into place. One of the simple but comical project they did with their members was creating “the silly button” literally.😆

IMG_1904 2.jpg

What particularly astonishing about comical coders so far after several weekly meetings already was their “can do attitude” and “willingness to share” what they have learned without any hesitance. They are truly inspiring role models for many creative and ambitious future coding clubs who will follow their footsteps.🙆🏻‍♀️

IMG_1896 2.jpg

In case if you are wondering what’s their ambitious and super serious plan while still busy launching their official club website and design logo etc, it is the hackathon in their school. Wisen got so excited with this news and so honored to help their hackathon at their school.🚀Go Comical Coders!!!