School Project 📝+ Coding 💻 = More than Possible & Successful Combination😄

Meet Karthi our 6th grader from JLS coding class!

Karthi joined Wisen JLS coding class on each Wednesday afternoon at room 810 with bunch of exuberant JLS wisen coders and started learning Wisen real project based game development using JS, HTML and CSS. The team he joined was “FrenchAdvench”.


At the same time, Karthi got the core project assignment from his class at JLS and he decided to try something very unconventional but not impossible; Combining coding with his core project. In his “French Advench” game building journey with Wisen, Karthi worked on storytelling (character & game assets creation, plot, and background setup etc) while coding his project line by line in the class.


By no means, this is NOT an easy undertaking in all aspects (A game making from scratch is such a daunting project even if it is a simple game) especially for the beginner like Karthi. And that’s why Wisen is so impressed with his willingness to try something that we didn’t even consider possible (Doing an school project using coding skills). Wisen cannot wait to see his final outcome by end of May and would love to be part of it when he needs our support to finish incredible project successfully. Thank you Karthi for inspiring Wisen community to be creative and think “outside of the box” with coding and build fantastic coding portfolios.