(Coding👩🏻‍💻+ KrispyKream🍩 + Robotics🤖 = 2048 Donut Game) by our 6th grader

Wisen Space Coding Portfolio series 1- Creative Track by Crystal Lin

Our 6th grader built the game and this is what she wrote to Krispy Kream (True Wisen Spirit- don’t just stop at taking coding classes only to learn how to build the game but go beyond the game completion and reach out to the real world like Crystal’s Krispy Kream contact! Go Crystal!)

Dear Krispy Kreme Team,

My name is Crystal. I love Krispy Kreme donuts, coding, and my VEX Robotics team, called G3 (g3.wisen.space). I am in a robotics team as a 6th grader currently. When we were making a customized version of 2048 as a coding project in my coding class, I decided to dedicate it to Krispy Kreme donuts, since I love them so much. Every week, for the last 7 weeks, I went to a coding class to learn how to build my Krispy Kreme inspired '2048 Donut Evolution' from scratch. I used the donut pictures from the Krispy Kreme website to act like the numbers in my 2048 donut game, evolving from the original glazed donut to the Krispy Kreme logo.

The reason I am writing this email to Krispy Kreme is that I want Krispy Kreme to take a look at my game (g3.yumdonut.io) and if Krispy Kreme can consider sponsoring my other passionate activity, which is my VEX Robotics team. Currently, we are preparing to go to the VEX Robotics competition, which is during January 12 and the 19th. I would be very thankful if Krispy Kreme would consider sponsoring my robotics team. In return for sponsoring my robotics team, I would give the game to Krispy Kreme for free, so your customers can play while waiting for their donuts for fun. The game is web-based so it can be played on any devices, including mobile devices.


Crystal and G3

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.46.12 PM.png