Why we believe we are an "Outlier"


Unique curriculum

Wisen Space creates its own unique curriculum not using online courses like Scratch or Udemy. Students are immediately drawn into our specially tailored coding projects. Our curriculum is continuously evolving to meet our students needs like science fair, art, debate or cool game apps. Part of our curriculum is to encourage our students to create and share their own extraordinary projects. We want to foster and connect each student's interest to coding.


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SMALL Class size

Our class size is small and students receive personalized attention and feedback from tech coaches. With small class sizes, students can easily ask for help. We make sure none of our students are left behind. Students are able to share their creative projects and wow one another. 



Have you presented in front of your friends or classmates before? Then you probably remember lots of nerves and stage fright. We believe that our built in presentation experience  not only builds our student's confidence but also reaffirms their knowledge. 

 We encourage our advanced students to mentor beginner classes. This internship trains their leadership and mentoring skills. This experience has proven to be very powerful as our students gain confidence and learn to care for others.