Blundertale Team Coding Portfolio Story

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Wisen is thrilled to introduce our multiplayer game team “Blundertale” as our first group coding portfolio story.

In a nutshell, Blundertale team consists of 9 members (one 9th grader and eight 8th graders). And they were very blunt of what they want to accomplish when they came to Wisen last year. They said they felt like they could build way better game specifically “multiplayer” game than what they have seen and playing on a daily basis from scratch. Upon hearing this ambitious goal, Wisen realized we embarked on a brand new path that we haven’t chartered before. Lots of questions came to our mind (how many weeks would it take for them to build any decent game? Are they going to sustain their enthusiasm when things get tough? etc…). With these unknown and open ended questions, we launched the project “Blundertale” on each Friday for 3hours at our coding studio early November last year following Yoda’s advice (“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” -The Empire Strikes Back). The progress so far has not been the perfect game yet but pretty impressive still with their countless hours of brainstorming, coding hundreds lines of JS code, and even taking a team hiking to Dish mountain for the sake of team building (with super supportive parents accompanied). Oh, also instant noodles at our studio which was really spicy and popular among the team members and helped them to keep going-lol. Wisen would not reveal all the details of their ambitious journey here but let you come and witness in person during our “Two Teams Game Project Day” in March at Cubberley with another amazing team from Foster City (Zombsroyal). One thing Wisen must reveal though, it was a family business after-all for the team Blundertale to come this far! Each parent took turns on every Thursday evening (aka “Blundertale team meeting day”) for parent volunteer mentoring duty and supported them to focus their game building no matter what. Especially, one mom even volunteered to train this team’s presentation skills for upcoming team project day to wow the audience and promote their final result to the customers. We were super impressed and astonished how much this team (both parents and students) willing to go beyond typical game class team’s efforts. This team always showed up together during even holiday coding meetings at their houses, hiking trips, and Wisen lecture attending as a united team. Truly, they exemplifies amazing team spirit ( A team who build a game together stay together mantra). Wisen is honored and happy to share Blundertale team’s story as our first group coding portfolio story.