"There are only a few people who truly know what they are doing, and even fewer people who have the passion to teach it"~ Former Student for wisen space tech coach


Our Tech Coach is always ready to play together and learn together...as one of our students puts it so fittingly "he is like one of us, fun to be around, and so kind to us whenever we ask any coding questions" 

Our Tech Coach is always ready to play together and learn together...as one of our students puts it so fittingly "he is like one of us, fun to be around, and so kind to us whenever we ask any coding questions" 



Meet Wisen Space's Tech Coach

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Teaching Focus:

Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Classes that focus on real world problems, emphasizing interaction over lecture

Mentoring and cultivating each student’s personal interests

How to use coding as a tool that students can use to get ahead

Empowering students to do the work themselves

Mentoring Successes:

Synopsys/California/Broadcom Masters Science and Engineering Fairs

Jared Lera mentored a middle school team (Terman) all the way to first place in the 'Junior Synopsys Fair' as well as first place in the 'California Science and Engineering Fair' (middle school division 2018). His team received the top 10% recognition for 2018, nominating them to compete in the International Broadcom Masters this October. It was the team's heavy use of Python and Java script for data analysis that set them apart from a thousand competitors.

*The Synopsys Championship is affiliated with the Society for Science & the Public, and selects projects which go on to compete and win in other state and national competitions, including the prestigious Intel International Science & Engineering Fair. Projects in the Junior (middle school) and Senior Divisions (high school) are selected to be eligible to compete in the California Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in April 2018. Selected winners in the junior division (middle school) are eligible to further compete in the Broadcom MASTERS Competition (International- grand prize wins $25,000), October 2018 in Washington DC. https://student.societyforscience.org/broadcom-masters

ME (Columbia Business school)/Launch X (MIT)

Jared Lera mentored the team (EntreDEV) in their prototype webapp (EntreDEV.org) winning them 3rd place and $800 in scholarships at the ME 2018 (Columbia Business school). They also won and competed at the Launch X Northern California Regional in 2018.

*Model Entrepreneur® competition, ME, is a global competition hosted by Columbia Business School's Venture For All®, with the goal to encourage young talents to stand out from pure imagination and speak out innovative ideas with business feasibility. Unlike any business competitions, ME participants will be able to receive proper guidance and suggestions on their business models from Columbia Business School and VFA Clubs across the globe. Participants will also receive various amounts of scholarships to attend official programs at Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Caltech, Berkley, and Pratt, to further enhance their entrepreneurship skills. Launch X is a event to celebrate the progress of high school startup founders, while providing these entrepreneurs with support to continue to grow their businesses. Students in the LaunchX Clubs program have been building their companies since September, conducting market research, prototyping, seeking feedback, iterating, selling, and building their business operations. Demo Day is an opportunity for these innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers to come together from across the midwest to showcase their progress and build connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Vex Robotics: In The Zone competition

Jared Lera mentored a middle school Vex robotics team which competed in the 2017/18 'In The Zone' competition. They won the Excellence Award which entitled them to compete in the California State championship. He mentored the team in designing the robot as well as programming it to do automated tasks.

*The Excellence Award, which is the highest award possible, was awarded in a competition against fellow middle school and high school teams. Only teams that show overall excellence against all the various aspects of the VEX Robotics program can receive this prestigious award.

Professional Experience:

AutoFi: Director of Engineering

Co-Developed a modern web application from company inception that has received tens of millions in funding

NodeJS, Heroku, ReactJS, MongoDB, HTML 5, CSS 3

GoDaddy: Senior Staff Engineer

Re-architected GoDaddy's Web Site Builder product to be a single page application. Utilized Machine Learning to personlize user's experience with GoDaddy's products based on data driven market segmentation

NodeJS, Python, Jupyter, Natural Language Processing, Spark, Hadoop, Segment IO

Capsera Scientific: President

Co-Founded a start-up to manufacturer and sell low cost dental exam lights using LEDs

C#, SQL, C, TI MicroControllers, LED, Optics

KLA-Tencor: Staff Algorithm Engineer

Designed and implemented algorithms that found defects on seminconductor wafers

C, Machine Vision, Image Processing, C#

Samsung Semiconductor: Photolithography R&D Process Engineer

Codesigned and developed an electron based photolithography stencil mask

Photolithography, Chemical etching, Electron microscopy


Seoul National University

MS Degree in Physics

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in Ultra-high vacuum to investigate the physics of surfaces

University of California at Santa Barbara

BS Degree in Physics and Math

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy with a Free Electron Laser to investigate the physics of surfaces