Wisen Space 2019 Spring Newsletter

function areYouReadyForSpring(you) {
  if(you === 'Wisen Student') {
    return 'Come to our spring camp and classes';

What’s coming up🎙


3/14: Synopsys Science & Engineering Fair (6 Wisen members competing)

3/23: Launch X pitch competition (San Francisco Make School: Wisen EntreDev team competing)

3/24: Zombs Royal and Blundertale group project presentation at Cubberley Community Center

TBD: Wisen (French Advench group) visit local animal center to support it their French Advench game

TBD: Wisen Science Fair & Entrepreneurship workshop (how to prepare 2020 science fair & entrepreneurship competitions with coding projects)

TBD: Wisen 2nd WTTL (Wisen Teen & Tech Lecture)



4/1~5: Spring break coding camp with Makaboom at Cubberley (Palo Alto at Cubberley Community Center)

4/8~12: Spring break coding camp at Foster City with AI theme (Python &Tensor flow)

4/8~6/1: Spring Sessions

4/8~12: Spring break coding camp at Foster City with AI theme (Python &Tensor flow)

*Summer camps will be at Palo Alto, Belmont and Foster City so please click below for more details. (ex: Exclusive AI coding & debate camp at Fletcher middle with distinguished “Stratagem” debate institute. Students will build an AI product in the morning with Wisen and they will debate the ethical and other aspects of that product during afternoon debate camp with Stratagem.)



What’s your coding portfolio story?

Meet our incredibly creative “Cardmaker” team above (Angela, Cynthia, Elena, Michelle and Nicole). They are learning how to build a personalized “Cardmaker” so they can be infinitely creative when they create their own special cards (ex: Mother’s day). No more online card template use. Bye Bye Evite🤓

More amazing coding portfolio stories, please click below and share your coding portfolio stories too if you got a good one to share with the Wisen community.